• 01We made applications in three major platforms: iOS, Android & Windows
    Our mobile application developing the most reliable and sophisticated for the customer and user. We are also proud to be a World-Class expert in developing iOS and Android apps.
  • 02We made book and magazine publishing as easy as reading
    Our Toko Buku and Majalah Indonesia application enable the customers, publishers and authors to publish they own writings into digital. We deliver any idea and dreams to come true.
  • 03In-App Purchases App Specialists
    Leaders on Apple’s In-App Purchase Apl; especially for mobile apps that offer thousands of skews.
  • 04Social Media App Integration
    We integrate apps with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
    We are experts at Apple’s iOS 8 App extensions enabling cross-app sharing.
  • 05Mobile Notification and Analytics
    We optimize and deploy push messaging and notifications that enable your brand to engage and connect.
  • 06Mobile App Distribution
    We are experts ar developing your app through multiple distribution points. Highly adept on consumer market app stores for iTunes and Google Play, and developing more on Windows Store.