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This video is a presentation mode for Themis Reader Pro. It explains the whole content of Themis Reader Pro in slide and simplify the features inside the application.

My Personal Pillar is based on the ideology, one person = one pillar. If you take care of your pillar, it will take care of you. Each person's unique pillar has four sides that needs to be of the same height,and balanced, in order to support that individual's Life Goal.

The four sides of everyone's pillar are:Spiritual,Intellectual,Social andPhysical is a Mobile Application Developer company from Indonesia that uses iOS from Apple as the operating system.
As a mobile application developer, is would like to participate to give some more portfolios in our expertise.
Nowadays, the following applications that we have been created are categorized in Travel, Book, Reference, sport, utilities and Social Networking. In times, we believe that we will make all the categories that being stored in Apps Store.
By the time we deliver our expertise in this field, we are so proud to achieve number or goals, relating the applications that we make. Some of breakthroughs have been made by, which like Themis Reader Pro; as the most expensive application in Indonesia and the worth one, Aa Gym Corner; as the first personal newsstand application from Aa Gym, My Personal Pillar; the first interactive book and more will be added in times.

Julianto Simanjuntak's Book is an application with Bahasa Indonesia that contain of books of counselling by Julianto Simanjuntak. By this application, it hopes that will be personal guide for those who have problem in case of marriage, teenagers problems, healthy mind and better personality. Julianto Simanjuntak's Books is capable for iPad device and it free downloaded. On every book available, there will be preview before download, easy payment and it can be share via email or social media.

Asian Recipes digital newsstand is a special newsstand for Asian recipes books based on some of recipes like rice, eggs, soup, cakes and more, that will continuously updated in times. These recipes are completed with high resolution pictures on every detail, clear method and simple ingredients. All those recipes were already tested before and it can also shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.
Asian Recipes can be free downloaded in iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. On every recipe that offered, there will be short preview before download and free samples available.
Asian Recipes digital newsstand, is the simplest way to taste the truly of Asia.

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