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Indonesia Tourism Forum is a travel discussion relating Indonesia tourism destination. Here, there are topics that related with the destination you might to go and also the discussion about everything related.

As we know, Indonesia is a tropical archipelago; there are islands in all over the countries. Inside the island there are provinces and regions, and in every corner of the region there are million enchanting destination that waiting to be explored.

In this discussion, the visitors can gain a lot of information relating their destination, like; how to go to the venue, what is on the venue, what is the relating custom and people around the venue and more.

The moderator of the discussion will be sincerely giving the answers and guidance to all over the topic related and if there is something out of the moderator in charge, the moderator will be gain another sources taken from the Tourism Department Officer in which the destination to go.

Indonesia Tourism Forum is designed to make the traveler’s journey become safe and trustworthy.

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